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By Deepika Rajani On May 13, 2011

Lady Gaga's Penis Boots 'Too Graphic' For American Idol

We would have thought so too!...

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Why are we not surprised to hear that an item of Lady Gaga's clothing has been deemed too rude for TV? If she's not wearing a see through dress, then she's flashing her butt cheeks through a pair of barely there shorts.

And this time, Lady Gaga's choice of footwear has come under fire after the American Idol execs thought the Born This Way's penis style heeled boots were to rude to show on TV, especially if a young audience were watching.

It is thought that when Lady Gaga made her appearance as a mentor on the show on Wednesday night, the producers of the show were forced to block out the images with two big red stars.

According to, the shop that Lady Gaga got the boots from "fuses the overt sexuality of rubber, vinyl and plastic textiles and striking body-conscious silhouettes with modern tailoring and artisan techniques to form a collection that is both beautiful and provocative".

Sounds like Lady Gaga's favourite shop...

The many faces of Lady Gaga...

'We all have these bones! They're the light from inside of us.' So says Gaga, as she reclines in a bath during her latest Gagavision video on YouTube. Speak for yourself...
It's Gaga in Japan, rocking an awesome futuristic frock and that long blunt blonde style that went along for the ride when she rocketed into fame. We don't see any evidence of horns here. Maybe she wasn't feeling particularly inspired that day?
Weirdly, we're quite in love with this look. The dip-dyed violet locks, the chic white blazer, the underwear as outerwear thing... it's pretty damn sexy. AND the shoulder pads do look a little pointy here. Maybe they're hiding something?
An inspirational nod to OTT Parisian chic here. We've got the monochrome, the blunt face framing bob and the Hepburn-style sunglasses. And, again, some pretty huge shoulder pads. Maybe there is some light to this strange theory after all?
Lil bit of a kinky outfit for strolling around London, huh? PVC, leather and a 1950s headscarf. On anyone else, it would look like they'd literally fallen into a fancy dress cupboard and grabbed the closest bits to hand. On Gaga, it looks amazing. Fact!
Well, there's no denying that her horny shoulders are covered up here. In fact, this monstrous column dress covers every little bit of her. For all we know, that could be Gaga's head on a stick! But whatever. Her cute bob saves it!
There's a lot going on here. There's the veil, the huge hair, the underwear as outerwear, the paint splatterings and... well, and a pair of pretty gorgeous shoes, if I'm completely honest. Bit Bride of Frankenstein. Bit Monstrous. Deffo a bit Gaga!
Now, this outfit is bizarre and yet absolutely stunning. Based on orbiting planets, we've got the amazing blonde and yellow tresses symbolising the sun, plenty of starlike glitter and even a prop. J'adore!
To be fair, she could be as spiky as a hedgehog underneath this voluminous white gown and we'd never know the difference. With a hairstyle that Marie Antoinette herself would be proud of, a Venetian mask and a deadpan stare, Gaga definitely made an impression at the Brits!
Now, doesn't this just have a weird simplistic brilliance to it? Dip-dyed yellow locks, sunnies, a floorlength golden gown and a cup of Rosie Lee. How decadent of you, Gaga!
Sure, she's skinny, but there's definitely no horns present here. She gets the prize for the most imaginative use of police equipment, however...
Yiesh, who wants to wear clothes when they're watching baseball in the height of summer? Gaga kept things light in underwear and a knotted shirt. We think those sunglasses helped maintain a low profile though...
Mmmm... 40 pounds of raw steak. Was it a political statement? Something to do with vegetarianism? Or did Gaga literally have nothing else to wear that day? Asides from the material, this is probably one of her most conservative outfits!
Ok, so now we see the horns. As well as, well, quite a lot else. Gag showed off her awesome bod in the 'Born This Way' video, dancing around in a skimpy bra and knickers. We're not complaining...
Feline good? This see-through animal print catsuit (teamed with thigh-high leather boots) may be a bit outrageous, but it also looks hot! It's good to let out your inner animal once in a while...
And here we have Gaga's latest stage costume. Underwear, skin tight trousers and a bucketload of blood. What does it mean? Well, maybe it doesn't have to mean anything. It is the mighty Gaga after all!
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