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By Helen Sanders On May 5, 2011

That's Not The Behaviour Of A Princess, Kate Middeton!

Day one as a Princess and Kate got us giggling...

Just hours after becoming a Princess, Kate Middleton had us in stitches after being caught in a compromising position (or so it seemed)!

With an estimated 2 billion people watching worldwide, Kate and Prince William stood on the balcony of Buckingham Palace and shared not one, but two kisses as a married couple.

However, it wasn't their kiss that got us talking...

As the fighter jets flew in formation overhead, Kate bent down to make sure her gaggle of tiny bridesmaids could see what was going on, but what we saw, was this...

We're pretty sure all the couple had to do was seal the deal with a kiss, but each to their own!

Childish we know, but hilarious nonetheless. Feel free to insert your own crown jewels jokes here y'all...

That dress...

Tags : Kate Middleton, Prince William, Royal Wedding

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