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Alex Reid Joins In Pagan Ceremony After Receiving Divorce Papers

Is he losing it?...

Alex Reid Joins In Pagan Ceremony After Receiving Divorce Papers
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Alex Reid has got us a little worried. According to reports the cage fighter visited Stonehenge to take part in a Pagan ceremony after receiving divorce papers from Katie Price.

A friend told the Sun: “"He went to the stones to find peace and draw energy from the earth."


It is thought that Alex received the divorce papers on what would have been the couple's one year wedding anniversary and was offered a meagre £50,000 settlement.

£50,000 is a tenth of the estimated £500,000 the couple earnt together but his legal team are pushing for half of this figure.

His friend added: "Alex was down in the dumps but feels much stronger now and will not be gagged by Katie. His solicitor has pointed out he is the victim in all of this.

"He hasn't been falling out of nightclubs and draping himself over women. He deserves a big slice of the pie."

The paper reports that Alex is also asking for the couple's £3million Surrey mansion, with a friend revealing: "He's put money into it over the past year and has got the gym and games room exactly as he wants them. He feels like it's rightfully his."

Do you think Katie is being harsh on Alex?

Alex and Katie's romance in pictures...

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