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By Helen Sanders On October 14, 2010

Kim Kardashian And Reggie Bush Share Their Dog

Reggie travels to Kim to see their pup....

Kim Kardashian is still seeing her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush despite breaking up earlier this year.

But before you get too excited, it's not in a romanitc capacity, the former couple are simply sharing custody of their dog.

Kim and Reggie have a boxer dog called Rocky and according to reports, Reggie misses the pup so much that he travels to Los Angeles to see him.

A friend of Reggie's told Hollywood Life: "I was just with [Reggie] a few weeks ago at his place in New Orleans and he kept talking about how much he missed Rocky.

"He said he was going to fly to Los Angeles to see the dog, but obviously Kim has the dog the majority of the time, so there's no way to avoid seeing her."

Do you think Kim and Reggie will reconcile?

Kim's men...

TJ Jackson (mid 1990s). At the tender age of 18, Kim dated Michael Jackson's nephew (and T3 band member) TJ Jackson. (
Damon Thomas (2000 - 2004). Kim was married to music producer Damon Thomas between 2000 and 2004. (
Ray J (2004 - 2006). Kim has a lasting memento from her two year relationship with Brandi's brother - a sex tape. (
Nick Lachey (2006). Kim stepped out on a couple of dates with Nick after his marriage split from Jessica Simpson. (
Nick Cannon (2006 - 2007). The future Mr Mariah Carey was dating Kim when her sex tape leaked. (
Scott Storch (rumoured, 2007). Kim and Scott hung out together in 2007 and the record producer later claimed they slept together. (
Reggie Bush (2007 - 2010). Kim and Reggie dated on and off for three years, until March 2010. (
Kanye West (rumoured, 2010). Surprising reports claimed Reggie dumped Kim after she cheated on him with the rap superstar. (Splash News)
Christiano Ronaldo (rumoured, 2010). The pair were reportedly caught kissing during a romantic dinner in Madrid in April. (
Shengo Deane (2010). Kim and her Aussie bodyguard were shown locking lips in her family's reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. (Splash News)
Wayne Bridge (rumoured, 2010). The Manchester United player is alleged to have hooked up with Kim while in the U.S.
Justin Bieber (not true, 2010). Kim spent the summer flirting up a storm with the 16-year-old pop sensation. She later insisted it was all good clean fun. (Splash News)
Miles Austin 2010 – Kim dated the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver between June and September 2010.
Chris Brown (rumoured, 2010). Kim has denied reports she's currently dating Chris Brown, claiming that she "laughed" at the rumours when she first heard them.
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