By Helen Sanders On March 18, 2010

Jennifer Aniston Reacts To Heidi Montag's Casting

In the new romantic comedy Just Go With It...

When we hear that The Hills star, Heidi Montag, had been cast in a romantic comedy starring Jennifer Aniston, we couldn't believe it...

We were waiting to hear what some of Heidi's co-stars would have to say about the ridiculous reality star being in a movie with them and we didn't have long to wait.

Sadly it wasn't quite the horrified and scathing response we'd been hoping for...

According to Access Hollywood, Jennifer called Heidi's casting: "I just heard that. That's interesting and fun."

Reportedly, Jen also added that Heidi was “perfect” for the role but wouldn't give any details away. We can't imagine that the role will be too far removed from Heidi's actual personality. That would be a challenge to far wethinks...

Heidi also spoke of her excitement of being in a film tweeting that filming was: "beyond what I could have ever dreamed."

She also said; "I just had the best day of my life filming my first comedy movie!"

Will you be rushing to see Heidi in her first feature film role?!

Heidi shows off her doctored bod...

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