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By Cher Tippetts On August 4, 2009

Brad Pitt 'Lashes Out' At Angelina Jolie Over Iraq Visit With Maddox

The actor reportedly thought it was 'irresponsible'...

Brad Pitt 'Lashes Out' At Angelina Jolie Over Iraq Visit With Maddox
Photo: Splash News

Just when you thought it was all cosy family outings to McDonalds, comes another story of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt squabbling – this time over the actress' recent trip to Iraq with eldest son Maddox.

A new report claims Brad was firmly against Angelina taking their eight-year-old with her on an awareness-raising mission to the war-ravaged country.

"He told her that it’s no place for a child Maddox’s age," said a source. "But she insisted it wasn’t dangerous and took him anyway.

"When Angie and Maddox returned, Brad lashed out. He called her irresponsible.

"He had told her taking Maddox to Iraq was ridiculously dangerous, but she disrespected his wishes and went anyway."

According to the report, Angelina argued that the trip would be a positive learning experience for Maddox.

"She said Brad’s ignorance about how dangerous Iraq is underlines why she should take trips there with Maddox - so he can know better.

"The fight escalated until they were both talking and screaming at the same time.

"Angie finally backed down, but the pair slept in separate bedrooms that night and have barely spoken since."

The insider claims the arguement revealed just how far apart the couple have grown.

The source said: "They’re keeping things civil for the sake of the kids, but their relationship has pretty much dissolved into nothing more than co-parenting.

"They know they can’t go on much longer like this — this is the first time they’ve seriously come to blows over how to raise their kids.

"Before they were always a team, but they’re worlds apart now."

Hmmm, the couple certainly seemed to have smoothed things over by the time they hit up the Golden Arches with a selection of their brood at the weekend.

Angelina and Brad around the world!

June 2005. Brad Pitt during a tour of Africa, where he witnessed first hand the devastating impact of AIDS and poverty on the continent. (Splash News)
September 2005. Angelina Jolie on a fact finding mission to Africa as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations. She met villagers and observed how their lives have been affected by the lack of clean water, malnutrition and poor health care. (Splash News)
Brad and Angelina finally make their romance public as they head out on his and hers motorcycles in Edmonton, Canada. They lived in Canada while Brad was filming 'The Assassination Of Jesse James.' (Splash News)
November 2005. Angelina, Brad and Angelina's adopted son Maddox go shopping at their local store in Malibu, Los Angeles, near Brad's home. (Splash News)
November 2005. Angelina visits earthquake survivors in Pakistan. The actress traveled to areas badly hit by the October earthquake that killed more than 73,000 people. She spent time meeting survivors in makeshift tents and participated in food and blanket airlifts. Angelina described it as "unbelievable." (Splash News)
January 2006. A pregnant Angelina travels to Haiti with Brad. The couple visit a school supported by Yele Haiti, a charity founded by Wyclef Jean, where they watched children dance and recite poetry. The pair travel in a convoy through the capital of Port-au-Prince, protected by police and U.N. peacekeepers as crowds cheered them along the way. "You hear so much just about the danger and the fear and then you come here and you meet just meet an amazing people," said Jolie. (Splash News)
Haiti, January 2006. (Splash News)
March 2006. Angelina visits an indoor playhall for kids with adopted children Maddox and Zahara during a vacation in Berlin.
April 2006. Angelina spends time in Namibia, where she gave birth to daughter Shiloh. The star talks about her daughter Zahara in an interview while walking along a dirt track. "She's from a country where six million kids don't go to school every year... Her mother died of AIDS and they wouldn't have had any funds to send her to school." (
October 2006. Brad and Angelina travel with Maddox on a three wheeler in India.
November 2006. Brad and Angelina arrive at Pune airport, India, with the family and head for Mumbai, where Angelina films 'A Mighty Heart.' (Splash News)
November 2006. Brad and Angelina take Maddox and Zahara on a motor launch to an awaiting yacht that they charter for an ocean cruise in Bombay, India. (Splash News)
February 2007. Brad takes a break from filming 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' on the balcony of the family's New Orleans home. (Splash News)
February 2007. Angelina Jolie visits Africa and meets refugees from the Darfur region. The star visits camps in Chad, which neighbours the crisis in Sudan, and travels to the small village of N'Djamena, with the aim of raising awareness about the continuing crisis and also to see the current conditions, which have deteriorated since her last trip in 2004. (Splash News)
May 2006. Brad picks up Zahara and Pax from the residence of the US Ambassador in Prague, Czech Republic, and heads home to their villa. The family are in Prague while Angelina films scenes for 'Wanted'. (Splash News)
June 2006. The couple do the school run together Prague. (Splash News)
June 2007. Angelina takes Pax and Zahara to a school located at the US Ambassadors residence in Prague. Brad was busy filming a commercial. (Splash News)
August 2007. The whole Jolie-Pitt clan have a fun time on a boat in Chicago, IL. The family went out on a boat to see the Chicago air and water display. (Splash News)
August 2007. Angelina and Brad, along with their kids, make their way back to the car after stopping by the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago to check out the dinosaur fossils exhibit. On the way home, the gang stopped by a local McDonalds to pick up some dinner. (Splash News)
September 2007. Angelina, Brad and their children leave the Cipriani Hotel in Venice. They take a taxi boat to reach the Venice Airport on their way to the Deauville Film Festival in France. (Splash News)
December 2007. Angelina and Maddox were on hand to watch Brad at a press conference in the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans. Brad was there to promote the rebuilding project that he is involved with in an effort to help the recovery of the city after Hurricane Katrina. (Splash News)
December 2007. Brad and Angelina take the kids for a bike ride in the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Splash News)
May 2008. Angelina on the terrace of her Maryland Villa where the whole family are living in the South of France. (Splash News)
May 2008. Brad and Angelina take children Zahara and Pax for a stroll on a very rocky beach in the South of France. Pregnant with twins, Angelina was helped to take a seat to rest on the rocks by Zahara. (Splash News)
October 2008. The Pitt-Jolie family with two new arrivals - twins Knox and Vivienne - arrive at Nice airport on their way back to their home in Brignolles in the south of France. (Splash News)
October 2008. Angelina Jolie and the kids spend the afternoon in New Orleans. (Splash News)
January 2009. Brad, Angelina and their six children touch down at Narita International Airport, Tokyo, where they are welcomed by screaming fans. They are in Japan to promote their movies The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Changeling. In the past two weeks the pair and the family have been to Paris, Germany, Los Angeles and Tokyo. (Splash News)
February 2009. Angelina takes daughters Shiloh and Zahara shopping in New York, while Brad takes sons Maddox and Pax for a boys day out in Las Vegas. (Splash News)
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