By Cher Tippetts On May 11, 2009

Jennifer Lopez, Jamie Foxx And Christina Milian Nude Pics On The Way?

Rihanna and Cassie candids were just for starters, it's claimed...

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Jennifer Lopez, Jamie Foxx And Christina Milian Nude Pics On The Way?
Photo: Splash News

Jennifer Lopez, Jamie Foxx And Christina Milian may be the next stars to join the naked picture party, it's claimed.

The latest rash of candid celebrity nudes began when intimate snaps of R&B star Cassie began doing the rounds online.

The singer responded to the photos by revealing on her blog that her computer had been hacked and snaps from her personal collection stolen.

Then on Friday, self-portraits of Rihanna posing in various states of undress emerged.

And apparently there's more to come.

According to Missinfo, the leaked Cassie and Rihanna pictures aren't the work of jealous exes or a canny bit of self-promotion.

Instead, they have been around for a while, and we should expect more Cassie and Rihanna candids to follow, alongside some 'unauthorised' snaps of Jennifer Lopez, Jamie Foxx, and Christina Milian.

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