By Jason Gregory On May 1, 2009

Robert Pattinson Jokes He Had A Penis Implant For New Film

In which he appears nude...

Robert Pattinson Jokes He Had A Penis Implant For New Film
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Robert Pattinson has joked that he had to have a penis implant for his new movie Little Ashes, which features a number of nude scenes.

The Twilight star gave the funny response when asked how he planned to deal with questions about his manhood.

“I had so many ridiculous answers just come into my head. I had a penis implant!” he told The Sun newspaper.

“It's funny because Spanish people have no problem with nudity at all, I mean at all.

“And English people obviously do have the most enormous problem with it.”

In the movie, Rob and co-star Javier Beltran, appear in two underwater scenes together – one in clothing and one without.

As previously reported on Entertainmentwise, Little Ashes director Paul Morrison admitted in a recent interview that the actor found the nude scenes “difficult” to shoot.

Little Ashes is released later this month.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

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