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By Cher Tippetts On April 22, 2009

Jessica Biel Has The 'Body And Flexibility' To Be Professional Topless Dancer

Says her trainer...

Jessica Biel Has The 'Body And Flexibility' To Be Professional Topless Dancer

Jessica Biel has the all the necessary requirements to become a real-life stripper, according to the woman who trained her in the art of exotic dance for her new movie.

Justin Timberlake's girl is already titillating male fans with her raunchy role as a struggling single mother-turned-stripper Rose Johnny in Powder Blue, thanks to the leakage of some topless film grabs.

Jess underwent a vigorous training schedule to prepare for the part - and her teacher, Cati Jean, is so impressed with the results, she's confident the actress would make a decent living if she decided to take her dancing one step further.

Jean says: "Jessica is so good and so focused. She has the beauty element, she has the body - she has all the package that you want in a professional dancer.

"She could be a professional dancer if she wanted to. She is strong, she is flexible."

Jess must be thrilled to know a career in the adult industry is an option should the Hollywood roles ever dry up, which could be a real possibility following Powder Blue.

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