By Laura Elias On April 17, 2009

Lady GaGa's Latest Revealing Number Reveals Saggy Cleavage

The quirky dresser flashes the flesh...

Lady GaGa's Latest Revealing Number Reveals Saggy Cleavage

Lady Gaga's latest risque outfit failed to flatter her cleavage.

The Poker Face star was pretty much sheerly naked when she left her London hotel wearing a see-through all-in-one that left little to the imagination - and not in a good way.

The leotard-loving singer clearly anticipated her breasts would be on show and had covered her nipples with black tape crosses.

Although she narrowly avoided a nipple slip, her efforts to cover her cleavage with more bits of tit tape backfired when the tape became visible through her black chiffon suit.

But what's more concerning is that Lady GaGa - real name Stefani Gabriella Germanotta - shouldn't be going braless at all.

It looks like her breast pals could do with all the support they can get.


What do think of Lady GaGa's style?

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