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By Jennifer Trevorrow On March 11, 2009

Angelina Jolie Slaps Brad Pitt For Massaging The Nanny?

Things get heated...

Angelina Jolie Slaps Brad Pitt For Massaging The Nanny?
Photo: Splash News

Angelina Jolie hit the roof after she found partner Brad Pitt massaging the children's nanny, if reports are anything to go by.

The mum-of-six - who is currently on location in Washington D.C filming scenes for her upcoming movie Salt - is said to have slapped Brad sharply across the face after stumbling in on him giving the nanny a massage.

A source tells the Star magazine, "She completely flipped out. She got right in Brad's face, screaming at the top of her lungs, and told the nanny to get out of her house and never come back!

"The argument woke up the sleeping twins, who began to cry.

"As Brad tried to console both the twins and the nanny, Angie just snapped - and slapped! - hitting him right across the face. Brad was stunned."

We're not so sure super dad Brad would have any time to massage the nanny with six kids on his hands!?

See Brangelina from the beginning below


Do you think Brad is likely to stray?

Yes - he's a man

No way! Wo would cheat on Angelina Jolie?!

Mid-2004 – The pair become well acquainted on the set of their film Mr. & Mrs. Smith. At the time Brad is married to Jennifer Aniston.
Early 2005 – Brad Pitt announces his separation from Jennifer Aniston. Angelina sparks a media frenzy when she is accused of being responsible for the pair's split. However Jolie denies the claim, saying “To be intimate with a married man, when my own father cheated on my mother, is not something I could forgive. I could not look at myself in the morning if I did that. I wouldn't be attracted to a man who would cheat on his wife."
April 2005 – Speculation of a relationship appears to be confirmed when the pair are photographed together with Angelina’s son Maddox on a secluded African beach.
May 2005- Pitt and Jolie attend premieres for their film 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith' separately, smiling at each other, but keeping their distance.
June 2005 – Romance rumours grow as the pair are seen together with increasing frequency. The media dubs them "Brangelina."
July 2005 - The July 2005 issue of W magazine features Angelina and Brad posing as a married couple. On seeing the intimate pictures, Jennifer Aniston reportedly says Brad has a “sensitivity chip missing.”
July 2005 – Still yet to officially confirm their romance, Brad accompanies Angelina to Ethiopia, where she adopts a six-month-old girl named Zahara. Angelina later indicates that she and Brad made the decision to adopt the girl together.
October 2005: Brad becomes officially divorced from Jennifer Aniston.
December 2005 -Classified advertisements in the Los Angeles paper Daily Commerce reveal that Brad is seeking to legally adopt Angelina’s two children - Maddox and Zahara.
January 2006 - Jolie confirms that she is pregnant with Brad Pitt’s child. This is the first public acknowledgment that Brangelina are officially a couple. By this stage, unprecedented media hype - described as "Brangelina fever" by one media outlet - surrounds the couple.
January 2006 - A judge in California approves Brad’s request to adopt Angelina’s two children - Maddox and Zahara. The children's legal surnames are formally changed to "Jolie-Pitt".
March 2006 – False wedding rumours shift into high gear, claiming that the pair will wed in Laglio, Italy. The rumours are supported by the town’s mayor.
May 2006 - Amid huge media interest, Angelina gives birth to daughter, named Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, at the Cottage Medi-Clinic Hospital in Swakopmund, Namibia. The birth is described in several articles as “the most anticipated baby since Jesus Christ.”
June 2006 - Hugely anticipated first pictures of baby Shiloh hit newsstands. People magazine pays more than US $4.1 million for the North American rights - while UK magazine Hello! obtains international rights for US $3.5 million. The total rights sale earns up to US $10 million worldwide –making them the most expensive celebrity images of all time. All profits are donated to an undisclosed charity by Angelina and Brad.
December 2006: Angelina and Brad step out for their first red carpet appearance as a couple at the premiere of Angie's movie, 'The Good Shepherd.'
January 2007: Angelina lends moral support to Brad at the Golden Globe awards, where he is nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his work in 'Babel.' Later that month, Brad is by Angie's side as her mom, Marcheline Bertrand, passes away due to cancer.
January 2007 - The Jolie-Pitts move to New Orleans, and live in the historic city while Papa Pitt films 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.'
March 2007 – Angelina adopts a three-year-old boy from the Tam Binh orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The boy – originally called Pham Quang Sang – is re-named Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt.
June 2007: Angelina attends the premiere of her new movie ‘A Mighty Heart’ looking dangerously thin. Several media outlets report that the actress is suffering from an eating disorder – but Angelina hits back telling the press: “I've always been lean and this year I lost my mom and I've gone through a lot. I have four kids and I finished breastfeeding – it's been hard to get my nutrition back on track."
July 2007: Brad Pitt introduces his daughter, Shiloh, to ex Jennifer Aniston. According to reports the pair arranged the intimate lunch date whilst Brad was in LA promoting Oceans Thirteen. A source told Heat Magazine; ‘They met for just over an hour. It was very emotional. Jen held the baby and called her 'adorable'."
July 2007: Angelina Jolie is reportedly ‘furious’ with Brad and Jen’s lunchdate. She threatens to leave Pitt if he meets her again. Meanwhile pictures surface of Brad's mother meeting with Aniston. The pictures further infuriate Jolie.
August 2007 - Star magazine reports that Brad Pitt is pushing Angelina to go to rehab for her dramatic weightloss.
August 2007 - Rumours are still swirling that the pair are on the verge of ending their two-and-a-half year relationship. A source close to the couple told In Style Magazine: “They’ve turned into two people staying together for the sake of their kids. Brad has just had enough of doing what Angie wants to do.”
August 2007: Brad’s rep quashes rumours that the pair have split – telling US magazine: "These magazines continue to write lies about our clients to sell magazines." Meanwhile Angelina fights back at rumours in an interview with Total Magazine, saying; “We actually argue politics at home. It is the only time we argue. We’re very much parents together. Certainly we have moments of being sexy and fun and I do find Brad very, very sexy, obviously, but I believe we’re together for the right reason.”
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