By Jennifer Trevorrow On January 23, 2009

Megan Fox To Take Over From Angelina Jolie As Lara Croft?

The 'Transformers' star may be following in her idol's Tomb-Raiding footsteps...

Megan Fox To Take Over From Angelina Jolie As Lara Croft?

Angelina Jolie wannabe Megan Fox may get the next best thing - the Transformers star is being tipped to be the new Lara Croft.

There are internet rumblings that the 22-year-old actress - and Sexiest Woman in the world, according to one lad's mag - is a firm favourite to take on the role first brought to the big screen by her older counterpart in 2001.

Perfect pouts and tumbling dark locks aside, these two screen sirens share a lot in common - most famously, both have spoken about past same-sex daliances and both have scribed their bodies with tattoos.

Megan does her best Angelina impression (left) and the genuine article (right)

The younger actress even told reporters recently that she would love to lock lips with the Changeling star.

Do you think Megan is up to the job?


Do you think Megan will do a good job playing Lara?



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