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By Jennifer Trevorrow On December 29, 2008

Britney Spears' Secret Sex Sessions

She's not so innocent...

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Britney Spears' Secret Sex Sessions
Photo: WENN

Britney Spears is reportedly sneaking out of the house in a bid to scratch a much needed itch and ruffle a few feathers at the same time.

The pop princess - who has no control over her financial assets - is said to be furious over her father Jamie's regimented orders and condescending attitude.

And in response Brit is reportedly arranging private sex sessions so she can get some pleasure and regain control of her life.

A source tells Now, "Jamie’s plan to wrap his daughter in cotton wool and stop her from coming into contact with any undesirable influences has backfired in a big way.

"Britney was so tired and cranky the morning after that Jamie guessed she’d been up to something – and she didn’t try very hard to hide it.

"She told him she’d put on a disguise and snuck out after 2am to meet someone she’d known a long time who was a good person."

The National Enquirer also reports that Brit is setting her dad up as an alcoholic who has fallen off the wagon - so she can get back her freedom.

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Britney Jean Spears entered the world on December 2, 1981
Britney's first taste of fame came as an 11-year-old on US talent show Star Search. She went on to star on Disney's Mickey Mouse Club between 1993-1994.
Britney becomes a global phenomenon when debut single 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' hits the top of the charts around the world in 1998.
Britney in followed up her No.1 smash with 'Sometimes'.
Britney in the video for 'Oops I Did It Again'
Britney dated Justin Timberlake for three years until 2002.
Britney Spears in a advert for Pepsi
Britney gets raunchy in the video for 'I'm a Slave 4 U'
Just one of Britney's legendary VMAs performances.
Britney on her 2004 world tour.
Britney in the video for 'Toxic'
Britney Spears and husband Jason Alexander pose after getting married at the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas. Their wedding was annulled less than 55 hours later.
In July 2004, Britney announces her engagement to Kevin Federline, three months after they met.
The singer caused an outcry after she was spotted driving back from her local Starbucks in Malibu, without a seat-belt, holding her 5 month old on her lap. (Feb 2006).
Pregnant Britney nearly drops baby Sean Preston after emerging from her NYC hotel. Her bodyguard caught the baby as he was slipping from his mothers arms.
Britney was forced into rehab by her family after she sheared her hair.
Britney loses physical custody of her kids in November 2007.
Britney made a shocking performance at MTV's VMA's, dressed in an ill-fitting bikini, she forgot her words and her dance routine.
Britney Spears, after allegedly taking one of her kids hostage and refusing to give him back to Kevin Federline, caused a huge standoff at her Hollywood Hills hideaway. Her house was surrounded by 10 police cruisers, 2 ambulances, a fire truck and 6 helicopters buzzing over head. Britney, believed to be under the influence of some drug, was carried out on a stretcher from her house and placed in an ambulance. She was then secured by tiedowns.
After some time away, Britney made a return to the spotlight in September 2008, picking up 3 awards at the VMA's.
The single, "Womanizer," from her new album, was released to radio stations on Sept. 26, and on Oct. 15, it made a record-breaking jump to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It was her first No. 1 single on the Hot 100 since her debut song, "Baby One More Time."
Britney spends more time with her family since she was allowed overnight visitation rights.
Madonna and Spears found themselves back on stage together during a concert at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles for Madonna's Sticky and Sweet tour. They performed 'Human Nature.'
Britney wows the crowd with a performance of 'Womanizer' in Germany at the 2008 Bambi Awards over the Thanksgiving holiday.
Britney released a documentary, Britney: For the Record, that aired Nov. 30 on MTV. The movie - filmed for three months - revealed her feelings on splitting from Justin Timberlake, her regrets on marrying Federline and her current state of mind after her now-famous mental breakdown. "I had totally lost my way," she said.
Britney's sixth studio album, Circus, went on sale today, which also happens to be the singer's 27th birthday. To celebrate the release of the CD and her big day, she performed a special concert event on ABC's Good Morning America.
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