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By Jennifer Trevorrow On December 8, 2008

Blake Fielder-Civil Demands Million Pound Pay Off From Amy Winehouse

It's war....

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Blake Fielder-Civil Demands Million Pound Pay Off From Amy Winehouse
Photo: WENN

Amy Winehouse's soon-to-be ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil is reportedly demanding £1million to keep quiet about their marriage.

Blake - who recently told reporters he blamed himself for Amy's decent into drugs - says he wants nothing from the Rehab star.

But UK reports claim the junkie jailbird is threatening to spill the beans on his chaotic, drug-fuelled marriage to Amy.

A source tells the News of The World, "Blake has asked Amy’s manager for £1 million to walk away from their marriage and not write a tell-all book about it.

"He’s so two-faced. He just wants a pay-off. Money’s his driving force.”

Blake's mother is also said to have jumped on the money train, demanding that her son receive £3million, "after all he’s been through with her".

See Amy's craziest nights out below


Do you think Blake deserves any of Amy's money?



Amy Winehouse attacks a photographer outside her house
Amy Winehouse comes flying out of her house with what looks like marks all over her face and flies into an attack on waiting photographers
Amy Winehouse seen coming out of a London drugs and alcohol clinic. Amy appeared to have been crying and had cuts all over her face. Amy then jumped into a black cab and proceeded to fall off the seat.
Amy Winehouse and Russell Brand leaving the princess trust charity event in Berkley Sq in Mayfair
Amy Winehouse arriving at the Camden Monarch looking worse for wear and extremely unwell. She could hardly stand on her own and security had to help her all the way into the event.
Amy is put into a car
Amy Winehouse has a night out to DJ at the Monarch in Camden
Amy Winehouse at the first day of the V Festival at Weston Park, Weston-Upon-Lizard, Staffordshire. Amy was off her head, she was drinking and coughing on stage. She hardly knew any words to her songs and seemed to have no idea what she was supposed to do.
Amy Winehouse ran out from the back of Dingwall club due to the pressure of a jounalist asking her questions. As she went past a pub next to her house she picked up a glass and threw it at a photographer viciously.
Amy Winehouse took her young God-daughter Dionne out in Camden.The night had its usual drama as Amy tried to do a runner from her security and later her security tried to clear a petrol security fore court so Amy could buy cigarettes.
Amy Winehouse was taken to a North London Hospital in an ambulance.
Amy Winehouse walked to Proud gallery bar in camden with a male pal but on the way took another swing at her security
She slumped on the floor. She burst into tears after pushing her security away.
Amy is taken home by a pal
Amy's hands are in a bad way
Amy Winehouse leaves her recording studio near Islington looking a bit worse for wear.
Amy Winehouse went out to the Monarch pub in Camden, arriving at 2.30am and leaving at 5am.
Amy Winehouse returns home from performing at two festivals.
Amy Winehouse at the Monarch London were she did a DJ set
Amy resorted to beating off photographers with a cardboard box when she left the pub and telling photographers that blake would 'sort you lot out' when he gets out from prison.
Amy answered her door in her bra to sign autographs for fans.
Amy Winehouse having a late night clean up including giving clothes away to the paps.
Amy Winehouse goes to Pentonville Prison to visit her husband Blake Fielder-Civil the day after their anniversary. Amy was wearing a Blake love heart in her hair and had a big open cut on her nose
Amy Winehouse has friends over to her party in her Camden home, including Pete Doherty,Mick Whitnall, Adam Ficek, Christian Marr and James Alexandrou.
Amy Winehouse leaves Henley recording studio and heads back home via a garage to use the toilet, barefoot.
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