By Laura Elias On September 24, 2008

Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears & Madonna: Photoshopped To Perfection?

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Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears & Madonna: Photoshopped To Perfection?
Photo: WENN

Britney Spears, Kate Hudson and Victoria Beckham are among a host of stars who have been famously Photoshopped to 'perfection'.

In a set of fan-made pictures to celebrate the release of new single Womanizer, Britney is almost unrecognisable thanks her tiny waist and super-long legs.

Jessica Simpson's womanly waist was also airbrushed to impossibly svelt proportions on a recent cover of Elle magazine.

Of course, retouching can work the other way too - Posh had her bony behind plumped up for a perfume ad and Kate Hudson gained a cleavage for the Fool's Gold movie poster.

With every bulge or wrinkle being digitally banished to create a younger, thinner, sexier look, we've hightlighted some of the most dramatic examples.

See some of those famously Photoshopped stars below or click here for the full gallery!


Do you think airbrushing has gone to far?

Yes - It creates unrealistic ideals

No - It's how we want our stars to look!

Jessica Simpson in Elle

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