By Cher Tippetts On August 5, 2008

Jessica Simpson Sends Tony Romo Sexy Web Videos

Find out how the Pussycat Dolls help keep their relationship alive...

Jessica Simpson Sends Tony Romo Sexy Web Videos
Photo: WENN

Jessica Simpson reportedly spices up her relationship with Tony Romo by sending him sexy webcam videos.

The would-be country star apparently reminds her man what he's missing while they're apart by filming herself performing raunchy routines.

A pal said: “Jess has no problem showing Tony her favourite Pussycat Dolls routine.

"She will dance in front of her camera until she makes her man happy.

“Jess does get paranoid, making sure Tony doesn’t have any of his Cowboys buddies peeking in on the show.”

Jess better hope Miley Cyrus' email hacker isn't reading this...

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