By Cher Tippetts On May 22, 2008

Jennifer Aniston: 'Sex With John Mayer Is Better Than With Brad'

The actress has been praising her new man's bedroom skills, according to tabloid report...

Jennifer Aniston: 'Sex With John Mayer Is Better Than With Brad'
Photo: WENN

Jennifer Aniston has reportedly delivered the ultimate put-down to ex-husband Brad Pitt by bragging to friends that new man John Mayer is the better lover.

As his past paramours have hinted, Mayer apparently knows what he's doing in the sack.

"Jennifer is calling John the best ever lover. In fact, she can't stop raving about his skills between the sheets - insisting the sex with him is way better than it was with Brad during their four-and-a-half-year marriage," a source tells the National Enquirer.

The source also claims that Mayer's bedroom skills are helping Jen to finally put her divorce behind her and move on with her life.

The source added, "It is no secret that every guy Jennifer has dated after her bust-up with Brad was merely a bit-player in her recovery process.

"Only now, in John's arms, does she look even close to finally putting Pitt in the past tense."

You can see Jen moving on with John here.

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