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Christina Thinks Her Newly Huge Boobs Are Unbelievable

So do we Christina, so do we...

Christina Thinks Her Newly Huge Boobs Are Unbelievable
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When Christina Aguilera appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show, it was difficult to concentrate or anything besides her giant post-pregnancy breasts.

We did manage to get a few quotes down, namely the ones were she talks about her larger than life chest.

New mother Christina told the chatshow host about carrying her son Max Liron: "I was just amazed by the whole process of being pregnant.

"It's unbelievable to see yourself grow like that,” she continues. “So my stomach was huge back then, and now my chest is huge!"

Ellen must’ve had trouble conducting the interview, those chi chi’s are truly distracting and she is partial to a bit of lady lumps.

Check out the full interview below.


Are Christina's Boobs Too Big?

Yes - I fear they'll attack and squish me

No - Boobs can never be too big


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