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By Lowri Williams On October 12, 2006

Why Is Michael Jackson Wearing Women's Clothes In St. Tropez?

Is it even him?...

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Why Is Michael Jackson Wearing Women's Clothes In St. Tropez?

Former King of pop, Michael Jackson has been pictured on holiday in St.Tropez dressed as woman.

Jacko has been holed up in Bahrain since leaving the US after being cleared of various child molestation charges last year.

Wearing high heels, figure hugging jeans, a wide brimmed hat and shoulder bag Jacko was practically unrecognizable, however when he pushed back his hat it was clear who he was.

One eyewitness told the Mirror: �I almost fell over in shock. He looked so feminine.

�It was as if he�d had a sex change. It was so bizarre.�

During his high heeled walk about Jacko was accompanied by a spaniel and a blonde friend in a similar hat.

 This is all very strange�.

So do we think Jacko is trying out being a ladeeee or is it just a brilliant disguise? Is it even him?


Why is Jacko wearing womens clothes then?

It's not him!

He likes the feeling they give him

He is in disguise

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