Miley Cyrus Responds To Reports That The Homeless Man She Brought To VMAs Is Wanted In Oregon

Jesse Helt is a wanted man...

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Miley Cyrus brought Jesse Helt, a homeless man she met in a shelter, to the MTV VMAs on Sunday to raise awareness about homelessness, but it appears the gesture has backfired. News broke on Tuesday that Jesse is wanted in his home state of Oregon, and now the Wrecking Ball singer is furious that the media has missed the point of her stunt.

“The media never fails to disappoint. You've chosen to go after Jesse instead of covering the issue of youth homelessness,” Miley tweeted on Tuesday.

Jesse, who accepted Miley’s VMA for Video of the Year and gave an emotional speech about his life on the streets, currently appears on the wanted list for Oregon’s Polk County. According to, he was arrested in 2010 after a drug-related burglary attempt. After pleading guilty to criminal trespass and criminal mischief, Jesse spent just under a month in jail and was sentenced to probation and drug treatment. He violated his probation several times, which landed him on the wanted list.

Jesse Helt, who Miley Cyrus brought as her date to the VMAs, is a wanted man. (Instagram)

Miley did not deny that her new friend had dealt with legal issues, but was angry that the media chose to focus on that rather than the larger issue she had hoped to bring a spotlight to.

“People who are homeless have lived very hard lives. Jesse included,” she tweeted after Jesse’s legal records hit the press. “I hope that this can be the start of a national conversation about youth homelessness and how to end it. Does looking down upon the homeless help people excuse their inaction?”

She then tweeted out a link to a campaign she’s currently promoting, in which fans can donate for a chance to win a VIP concert experience in Rio de Janeiro.

“While they obsesses over one homeless mans legal issue lets help the other 1.6 million homeless youth,” Miley tweeted.

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