By Esi Mensah On July 4, 2014

'I Missed Quite The Interesting Day': Chris Colfer Finally Addresses Twitter Account Hack

He was on a flight at the time...

Chris Colfer seems to have missed out on quite the eventful day. It turns out that he had no idea that his twitter account was being hacked while he was traveling.

In a tweet that has now been deleted, Chris had appeared to announce that he was leaving Glee. Now that his departure has been denied, the Glee actor finally decided to poke fun at the incident.

“Apparently I missed quite the INTERESTING day while aboard my flight,” he stated. “I’m just glad I wasn’t ‘killed by a fruit truck’ again.”

Chris Colfer during filming of Glee (Cousart/JFXimages/

This comes after twitter was sent into a frenzy when a tweet stated earlier in the day that Chris would leave the show.

"Due to personal issues, I have been let go from the cast of GLEE. Explanations will come shortly …” the tweeted stated.

Chris’ rep was quick to deny the tweet. They explained that his twitter was hacked and that he will indeed return to Glee next season.

“It appears his Twitter was hacked," his rep told People magazine. "He's on a flight and he will be returning next season. Fans, don't worry."

Glee just wrapped up season five in May, and the new season will premiere in 2015.

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