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Zac Efron Attempts To Dance With Swag In Video To Jason Dereulo's Wiggle (WATCH)

He shows off his moves...

Zac Efron started his career dancing in the High School Musical series, but in the last few years, the actor has managed to avoid dancing in front of camera…until now. A new video shows Zac and his friends dancing to Jason Derulo’s Wiggle.

The three friends do their best to show just how much swag they have as they do choreographed moves to the song.

Zac, who looked like he had been forced to be in the video, did his best to fit in.

Zac Efron still likes to dance after all (Brian To/

The dancing seemed to have taken place in a bar or lounge, as the three are seen dancing on a fancy table with seats around it.

“dancing on the table for girls😀😉 me , Zac @zacefron ,youssef @youssefgiga,” Zac’s friend Gianluca Vacchi wrote along with the video.

Zac seemed to be having a lot of fun, as that wasn’t the only video that was posted. Gianluca also posted another video that featured Zac shirtless while sitting on a river dock.

Ironically, this video also featured actress Michelle Rodriguez doing a headstand in a bikini.

Who would have thought that Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez would be friends?

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