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Lena Dunham Embarrasses Jimmy Fallon On The Tonight Show

Outspoken Lena Dunham made it through an interview without saying anything controversial! But couldn’t help herself from revealing her mum’s fantasy

During an appearance on Tuesday's ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’, Lena Dunham let slip that her mum would like Jimmy to be her son-in-law.

“I have a great boyfriend, but my mom said recently ‘I always thought you would marry Jimmy Fallon,’” Lena told the television host. “She said it like we had a previous relationship, like you were my first boyfriend but things didn't work out and she thought we would get back together”.

The ‘Girls’ star went on to say, “Not like I have 50 magazine covers of you in my bathroom”.

After a brief awkward silence, Lena laughed, “I knew this would make you embarrassed”.

Jimmy recovered well, saying the conversation had only made him a “little embarrassed” before swiftly changing the subject to ‘Girls’.

The breakthrough show created by and starring Lena, is currently on its third season and has already been renewed for a fourth season to air in 2015. Lena said the season finale of the comedy drama, which will air on Monday 31 on Sky Atlantic, was going to be a "big one."

Lena Dunham talks about mums, TV and video stores (WENN)

"I'm always acting like we're ‘Lost’ or something, like there's a huge twist coming," she said. "I'll give you a spoiler: someone was mean to someone else."

"What? Unbelievable," Jimmy joked.

Lena, who was looking chic in a coral shift dress and nude heels with her hair in a sleek bob, was also keen to talk about her recent appearance on ‘Saturday Night Live’. "The entire week was like a dream. I never went into my dressing room," she said. "I just stood around Studio 8H harassing people, like asking Wally the cue card guy 'how does this work exactly?' Props to Wally."

During the interview, Lena and Jimmy also swapped stories about their past jobs after finding out that they had both worked in different branches of the same video store.

"Video store guys are kind of mean, think they're smarter than anyone, they're probably not because they work at a video store," Lena said.

Before the show finished Lena was also able to take part in a game of Pyramid, based on the classic '70s game show, alongside Jimmy, house band leader Questlove and ‘Hannibal’ star Hugh Dancy.

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