By Esi Mensah On February 1, 2014

Kanye West Will Not Be Charged For Alleged Assault

He will reportedly not be proscecuted...

Kanye West can officially breathe a sigh of relief, as the hip hop star will reportedly no longer face assault charges from an incident that occurred earlier this month.

According to an E! News report, the Los Angeles District Attorney will not pursue charges against Kanye West for allegedly punching an 18-year-old teen.

This outcome was to be expected, however, as the alleged victim failed to turn up to a follow-up interview with investigators.

Kanye West will reportedly no longer face assault charges (TNYF/WENN)

The original incident occurred on January 13 as police were called to the scene in Beverly Hills following a phone call that Kanye West had confronted the teen.

The teen allegedly shouted racial slurs at paparazzi, and then reportedly began shouting at Kim Kardashian after she reportedly told him his behavior was inappropriate.

The reason that the charges are being dropped could also be because Kanye West may have has settled with the teen out of court. Several sources in the past week have claimed that Kanye West and the teen are reportedly going to settle for $250,000.

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