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Happy Birthday Justin Timberlake: From *NSync To The Social Network Who's Your Favourite JT?

Trousersnake is turning 33 today

Justin Timberlake is turning 33 today and while we're wishing the star a very happy birthday, it gives us a chance to enjoy all the amazing Timberlake moments.

From his early star on the Mousketters with little Britney and Christina, through to his 40/40 musical comeback of 2013 it seems like the curlyhaired crooner as reinvented himself more times than Madonna.

So as we celebrate JT's big 33 let's look back over the many 'Justins' he's given the world, which one is your favourite?

Disney Justin

Is there anything cuter than a pre-teen Justin on the Mickey Mouse club? Especially when he's teamed with Ryan Gosling!

Justin and Ryan (Tumblr)

*NSync Justin

Pop, Bye Bye Bye and It's Gonna Be Me - surely some of the best pop tunes of all time. Justin did it all while rocking a perm, a PERM everyone!

You werk that skin tight white shirt JT (Tumblr)

Britney Justin

Before Justin and Selena, Harry and Kendall we had the original Disney-pop pairing. When they were together it was beautiful and there's not a day that goes by we don't wish they were back on.

Why can't they give it another go? (Tumblr)

Cry Me A River Justin

When Justin and Britney broke up rumours were flying about cheating claims and speculation over who dumped who. Then JT did the unexpected and dropped the best revenge/thinly-veiled attack tune and video ever with Cry Me A River. He sang about a girl who cheated, then broke into her house and cheated on her in the video. Oh and he looked sexy in it, really sexy.

You know you bad Justin. Really bad (Tumblr)

Justified Justin

JT went solo, stuck on a beanie and teamed up with Pharell Williams for the mother of all debut albums. And the world went Justin crazy.

There's just somethin about you Justin (Tumblr)

Movie Justin

Yes, after conquering the musical world Justin took on movies. But the star wasn't going to settle for any Britneyesque Crossroads stuff, no he just happened to land a starring role in Oscar nominated The Social Network playing Napster founder Sean Parker.

Let's face it he's actually a really good actor (Tumblr)

Although we doubt falling for Mila Kunis in Friends With Benefits really stretched him.

The coolest rom-com of the last decade (Tumblr)

Dick In A Box Justin

Yes he's cool, a good dancer, singer, actor. But Justin's actually really funny. This might just be our favourite JT.

You rock that facial hair JT (Tumblr)


Suit And Tie Justin

After taking his eye off the music for a while Justin made a comeback in 2013. Just to prove there was NO DOUBT he can do both movies and music he dropped album 40/40 and toured with Jay Z. Oh and performed at the Grammy Awards - no biggie. He also rocked a more sophisticated look. Gotta love a man in a suit.

Yeah you like that don't you (Tumblr)

Ellen and Beyonce KNOW IT (Tumblr)


So Happy Birthday King Justin, we can't wait for the next one.....


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