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Rapper Young Jeezy Arrested Again After Allegedly Obstructing Police Officers In Atlanta

Was arrested two weeks before for an alleged attack on his son

It was only a mere two weeks ago that Young Jeezy was arrested for an alleged attack on his son in 2012, however the rapper has been arrested again, this time for allegedly obstructing police officers outside Atlanta.

The rapper has well and truly landed himself in it again and is now facing charges after he allegedly cursed at police officers during a confrontation outside his girlfriend’s home in Alpharetta.

Police were responding to an alarm call at his girlfriend’s home, where they ran into Young Jeezy, according to TMZ.

The 36-year-old was allegedly uncooperative with the officers when they arrived at the scene and when asked for his name and ID, the rapper reportedly responded by saying, “F*** you, I ain’t telling you.”

This is the second time in two weeks the rapper has been arrested (Photo: WENN)

All this comes just weeks after Jeezy turned himself in after the alleged incident with his teenage son.

Young Jeezy was also arrested on 7 January on charges of battery, false imprisonment and making terroristic threats after a report emerged claiming he threatened to kill his 17-year-old son Jadarius.

Young Jeezy admits to shoving his 17-year-old son in an argument (Photo: WENN)

However, a new source claims that their argument back in September 2012 did not turn violent.

Sources told TMZ, that the fight occurred when the rapper had told his son he wanted him to move out of his house. The pair were then allegedly locked in a screaming war, but Jeezy claims he “never hit, choked or dragged his son.” He does however admit to shoving the young teenager.

According to CNN, the report said: "The juvenile stated his father stated to him 'I'll put a bullet in your head right now.'"

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