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By Joanna Crawley On December 18, 2013

'It Would Look Pathetic If I Tried To Squeeze Back Into The Tights': Will Ferrell Rules Out Elf Sequel

The Anchorman star insists the beloved Christmas movie will never get a follow up

Elf may be one of the most beloved Christmas movies of all time but unfortunately for fans of Buddy, it's star Will Ferrell has ruled out a sequel.

The film has been a huge hit since it's release ten years ago, with it regularly making top festive films lists and becoming a staple for every Christmas viewing schedule.

Following a man raised as an elf in the North Pole, Will plays the lead who heads to New York to track down his real dad, falling in love and getting into Manhattan mishaps along the way.

But funnyman Will insists he would never play Buddy the Elf again, mainly because he can't face pulling on those green tights.

Will Ferrell has insisted he'd never make a follow up to his festive favourite Elf (WENN)

During an appearance on U.S. talk show WatchWhat Happens Live on Tuesday night, Will was asked about the possibility of a sequel, and he was pretty certain of his answer:

"Absolutely not. It would look slightly pathetic if I tried to squeeze back into the Elf tights."

We'll just have to make do with our DVD of Elf and getting a Will fix from his new movie Anchorman 2.

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