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By Georgina Littlejohn On December 18, 2013

Robbie Williams Suffers Income Slump Due To Declining Record Sales

The Take That star's manager confirmed his financial decline

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He's just released his tenth studio LP which became the UK's 1,00th album, he sold out an "audience with" night in London recently and has become a TV show favourite again - so why is Robbie Williams suffering a financial slump?

According to his manager, the Take That star, whose album Swings Both Ways is back at the top of the charts, has suffered a major decline in earnings in the last few years, all because of declining record sales.

Tim Clark from ie: music made the surprising announcement as he addressed politicians at a parliamentary conference which was debating the future of the record industry.

Robbie Williams has suffered a recent financial slump due to low record sales (WENN)

Using his most famous client as an example, he said Wiiliams was now only pulling in only a fraction of what he used to earn.

He said: "I represent Robbie Williams but also a number of smaller acts. But I have got to tell you it is damned difficult.

"It is difficult enough for Robbie Williams whose revenues from recorded music have plummeted. His revenues are nothing like what they were five or six years ago."

He said the digital revolution had made a serious impact on this and recorded music revenues are "going down incredibly quickly".

And Clark added that artists like Williams now have to sell out huge tours in order to make any real money.

He also bemoaned the extra work artists now have to do because of the rise of social media and said: "The amount of content that artists have to make now is crazy. They are tweeting, they are making stuff for Facebook, they are making stuff for YouTube.

"It is unbelievable how much stuff artists have to do in order to try and get people (to) come and buy their tickets or their merchandise - all these things they have to do to make a living.

Because, believe you me, they ain't making a living out of recorded music. That's a fact."

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