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By Joanna Crawley On December 18, 2013

Justin Bieber Will Address His 'Troubled Nine Months' In New Believe Movie After Announcing His 'Retirement' Plans

Scooter Braun speaks out on how the movie addresses all the rumours of 2013

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Scooter Braun has spoken out on Justin Bieber's hugely hyped new movie, Believe, and how the star was keen to address all the rumours surrounding his troubled behaviour this year.

Justin's second movie hits cinemas in the US on Christmas day but according to Braun, Beliebers could have ended up watching a very different film had Justin not had such a chaotic year.

From peeing in buckets to turning up late to gigs, there has been a constant stream of bad boy Biebs reports in 2013 and Scooter admits this has definitely shaped the new film, Believe.

Talking on Ryan Seacrest's radio show on Wednesday Scooter revealed:

"We decided this movie, we did it independently, that we'd show the concert, we're not really gonna make it into a big movie."

Justin Bieber has had a rollercoaster 2013 (WENN)

"Then over the last nine months Justin got into trouble sometimes, a few times," Scooter admitted. "We started seeing this thing going on with the press, that over and over again they could get away with anything and there's a point where you can't respond to every single rumour so we just had to let it go".

"We decided with this movie we're just going to address it all at once. We had our director John Chu actually sit down with Justin, he did a three hour sit down interview with him where he asked him really hard questions. Questions like 'people think you're the next train wreck, how do you respond?'"

Comparing the 19-year-old's first movie Never Say Never and his new cinematic output, Scooter concluded:

"We've made a family movie in that the last one represented hope and this one we show how you respond to adversity and getting knocked down."

Scooter added that he feels like a "parent" to Justin since discovering the young talent, but now he admits that he has to let go and let the teen decide his own future:

"He needs to decide where he goes from here, he has all the tools", he admits adding though that people need to understand just how hard Justin's life is sometimes: "He's fighting with really wanting to be normal but then also the response is that he's not allowed to be normal".

Believe hits the US on December 25 while Vue cinemas will run the film in the UK exclusively for one week from December 26.

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