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By Joanna Crawley On December 18, 2013

'Mr Pitt Joins The Club': AARP Celebrate Brad Pitt's 50th Birthday With Special Magazine Cover

The actor celebrates his milestone birthday today

Brad Pitt turned 50 today and while it might only feel like yesterday that he was romancing Geena Davis in Thelma & Louise, the AARP have hammered home just how long ago that was (23 years!) by mocking up a magazine cover for their newly eligible member.

AARP, the organisation originally founded for retired people in the States, has celebrated Brad's half a century today with a special edition cover of their magazine, with the coverline reading:

"Acclaimed Actor, Producer, Humanitarian, and Family Man, Mr. Pitt Joins the Club".

The father of six and Angelina Jolie's other half doesn't seem too bothered about his advancing years though, recently telling Ann Curry on the Today show that he has no problem with the aging process:

“So far I haven’t minded a bit. So I have no complaints.”

Happy Birthday Brad! (Twitter/AARP)

Asked if he is “cool” with it, Brad added that he hadn’t put much thought into turning 50 just yet. “Cool? … I don’t know. We’ll see … I’m busy right now so I haven’t thought about it,” he laughed.

And Brad certainly has been busy. The star recently wrapped his new movie, World War 2 drama Fury, which sees him star opposite Shia LaBeouf as a tank commander on a deadly mission behind enemy lines.

Shooting the movie in the English countryside has meant Brad has been separated from his family for awhile, with the star jetting all the way to Sydney this month to catch up with Angelina and their children.

Angie is currently down under working on her latest directorial project Unbroken.

Brad Pitt 50 Today: Happy Birthday To The Hollywood Hunk With His Steamiest On Screen Moments!
Thelma and Louise may have centred around two female protagonists,but it was a young Brad Pitt's character of J.D who caught everyone's eye. With his cream cowboy hat, ripped torso and double denim, swooning is a dead cert and this film was only the beginning of his half-naked escapades, much to our delight. (YouTube)
Four years later Pitt took on an intensely gripping role in Sci-fi picture Twelve Monkeys. He may have depicted a psychiatric patient with an obsession for animal rights, but we were totally charmed by his cheeky nature, this still of him flashing his derrière proves it! (YouTube)
He might have played Death in Meet Joe Black, but his character in the 1998 movie was far from morbid. I think it's fair to say we fell for Mr Black as much as Susan, his love interest did, as in a steamy love scene she undresses him. Can we swap places with her? (YouTube)
The first rule of Fight Club really should have been "Brad Pitt must be topless at all times". One of his most iconic roles to date, who doesn't love a film filled with half naked men? Pitt along with his co-star took part in boxing, grappling, taekwondo and even soap making lessons in order to prepare for the role. Is there anything this man can't do! (YouTube)
As if the film wasn't successful enough, Pitt took part in a series of promotion stills and this beautiful one was picked as a bonus image. Perfectly sculpted is definitely an appropriate phrase here. (YouTube)
Our final favourite has to be his role as Achilles in Troy. He may have worked out for a gruelling seven months to achieve that fabulous torso but trust us Brad, we definitely appreciated it. The star takes part in a number of steamy scenes and is seen with more clothes off than on. You don't see us complaining though! (YouTube)
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