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Prince Harry Won't Be Getting Special Treatment On 200 Mile South Pole Trek

Royal is getting ready for his 16 day battle

Prince Harry might be fourth in line to the throne, but according to Major Kate Philp, who will be spending two weeks with him next month during a charity trek to the South Pole, he's just a normal guy.

The 29 year-old royal will join a team of 21, including injured service men and women in the 208 mile race to the South Pole, where they will be battling two other teams from the US and Commonwealth to reach the southern pole. The 16 day adventure will see the prince trek through temperatures as low as -50C.

"Prince Harry is a really, really good guy," she told Hello magazine

"He's a strong, fit guy himself as an army officer. He has some polar experience from having a done a few days with the charity a couple of years ago," she went on.

Smiling for a good cause, Prince Harry is the patron of Walking With the Wounded charity (SplashNews)

"He's so busy, he's got a full military career and all of his royal commitments to balance and he absolutely throws himself in to this wholeheartedly. I think he really genuinely enjoys it."

Admitting it was a cause close to Harry's heart, Kate explained: "He feels very passionately about the cause, Walking With The Wounded, and he knows that he can bring a lot of publicity and raise awareness."

But will Harry be expecting special treatment? Not according to Kate, who insisted he's just like any other member of the team.

The challenge begins in a matter of days for those brave servicemen and women (SplashNews)

"He's very easy to get on with, he's an equal member of the team and he uses his military training to good effect," she claimed, "He's good fun, he's down-to-earth, he gives a lot the banter as much as he gets it and it's just really nice that we all feel very much at ease with him and hopefully he does with us."

Kate added: "He's extremely down to earth so in and among the three teams he's Harry. Of course we'd never cross the line but you never feel like there's a line to be crossed which is a nice thing."

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