By Deepika Rajani On October 31, 2013

Doctor Who's Mark Gatiss Reveals He's Ready For 'Howls Of Protest' Over Special Biopic

An Adenture In Space And Time is part of the 50th anniversary special celebration

Doctor Who's Mark Gatiss has admitted that he is prepared to receive negative criticism from Doctor Who fans in the aftermath of the broadcasting of An Adventure In Space And Time - a biopic drama that will tell the story of how Doctor Who came about.

Believing that some Doctor Who fans may not enjoy watching the BBC Four drama which has been made in conjunction with the hit BBC sci-drama celebrating its 50th anniversary, Gatiss told Broadcast:

"Writing Doctor Who, you don't give a monkey's [about giving diehard fans what they want]. You write it for your audience, not for the people who will watch it anyway.

"I don't mean to sound contemptible at all - I'm a fan so there are a lot of things that I want to nod to or embrace - but you can't be ruled by that. Here, this is holy writ; they're real people."

Mark has admitted that he's prepared to face some backlash over the Doctor Who biopic (WENN)

Gatiss went on to add: "Oh, I'm totally prepared for howls of protest. In a funny way, it's similar to when I made my horror documentaries for BBC Four."

Meanwhile, Gatiss recently revealed that he is making no apologies for his own love of the show, Gatiss revealed: "This is my love-letter to Doctor Who! In this 50th anniversary year, I hope fans will enjoy and be thrilled by it and all the kisses to the past it's laden with."

Explaining that that fans will be able to find out how the show was created, Gatiss went on to comment: "Principally, it's the story of how Doctor Who was created, so we concentrate on the very beginnings and the first few episodes.

"There are lots of treats for the fans but it's also the story of William Hartnell, the first Doctor and how the part transformed his life."

David Bradley plays the role of William Hartnell (BBC Pictures)

With so much to fit in, the writer of the special drama, admitted that certain people were left out of the drama. Insisting that it was just a case of having to "focus" on certain aspects of the story, Gatiss who also took on the role as executive producer on the drama alongside Steven Moffat and Caroline Skinner, said:

"I had to focus it down. Simple as that. This is a drama, not a documentary, and though it's extremely painful to have to leave out some people who played a huge part, it makes dramatic sense. You simply can't do everyone justice in 90 minutes. For instance, the story of how Terry Nation and Ray Cusick created the Daleks is almost a film all on its own!"

Check out the stills from the special 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who

Matt is back at Doctor Who! (BBC Pictures)

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