By Claire Rutter On October 21, 2013

Walking Dead Fans Launch Walker Stalker Con For Over 10,000 Fans

T-Dog is set to make an appearance too

Following the second episode of The Walking Dead, season four, ‘Infected’, it has been revealed that fans of the popular show have organised a fan event called Walker Stalker Con that will take place in Atlanta.

Walking Dead star’s Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan are all tipped to make an appearance at the event that will take place in Atlanta between November 1 – 3.

Walking Dead has got its own convention (AMC/Getty)

Fans have organised the new convention for the show, with Eric Nordhoff and James Frazier putting it together, as well as a podcast, and a one-man play that will star former Walking Dead star Iron E. Singleton, who played T-Dog for the show’s first three seasons. His play, Blindsided by the Walking Dead will be one of the highlights as well as a panel discussion during the convention.

Walker Stalker Con is expected to pull in over 10,000 participants and will join the likes of Nordhoff and Frazier, who are known as Walker Stalkers, who made a trip from their home in Nashville, Tennessee to Georgia just to visit the set of the hugely popular AMC show.

The Walking Dead airs on Sunday nights in the US, before showing on Friday nights in the UK.

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