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WATCH: Harrison Ford And Hailee Steinfeld Bring Ender's Game Excitement To London

EntWise caught up with the stars of the sci fi epic

The stars of new sci-fi epic Ender's Game hit London's West End last night to promote their new movie and EntertainmentWise were there to catch up on all the on set gossip from the likes of Hailee Steinfeld and Hollywood legend Harrison Ford.

True Grit actress Hailee and Harrison were joined at the screening by their co-stars including Sir Ben Kingsley and Asa Butterfield as well as director Gavin Hood.

Hood has bought the book by Orson Scott Card to life on the big screen, telling the story of a a child military trained by the government to wage war between planets. Whilst Hailee and Asa play members of the academy, Harrison depicts a military commander in charge of the young troops.

Harrison Ford stars as Colonel Hyrum Graffin Ender's Game (WENN)

Whilst the acting legend was only too happy to take on the role of moulding his child soldiers in the film, he told EntWise that he stayed clear of giving his young co-stars any advice on set.

"They all have plenty of advice in their life and they're all very smart", the 71-year-old insists. "A career is different for every person and it really didn't make sense for me to give advice and neither did any of them ask for advice"

Hailee Steinfeld takes on another all action role for the sci fi film (WENN)

Watch our video above to see Hailee, looking gorgeous in a striped Thakoon Addition two piece, explaining why she took on the role of Petra and young Brit actor Asa Butterfield gushing about getting some insight into the "tricks of the trade" in the high budget sci-fi adventure.

Ender's Game opens in UK cinemas on October 25.

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