By Georgina Littlejohn On September 28, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence 'Films A Cameo Appearance' In Dumb And Dumber Sequel

Reports said she took time out from filming Hunger Games: Mockingjay to film her part

She once said it is one of her favourite comedies and she knows the script by heart - so it's hardly surprising Jennifer Lawrence jumped at the chance to be a part of the Dumb and Dumber sequel.

The Oscar-winning actress has reportedly filmed a cameo appearance in Dumb and Dumber To, the sequel to the 1994 comedy starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels.

She is currently filming Mockingjay, the third film in the Hunger Games trilogy, but the set is very near to the Dumb and Dumber one.

Jennifer Lawrence has reportedly filmed a cameo in the Dumb and Dumber sequel (WENN)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jennifer and the rest of the Mockingjay cast visited the Dumb and Dumber set in Atlanta.

And while she was there, she reportedly filmed a cameo playing a younger version of Kathleen Turner's character.

She recently told chat show host Jimmy Fallon that that Dumb and Dumber was among her favorite comedies and said: "I know every word to Dumb and Dumber, Step Brothers and Anchorman." She was then challenged by Fallon to recite a line from the movie, which she did!

Jennifer, 23, has been a busy girl of late, what with filming Mockingjay, David O. Russell's American Hustle and X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Jeff Daniels posted this snap of him and Jim Carrey on the Dumb and Dumber To set (Jeff_Daniels/Twitter)

Dumber and Dumber To sees Carrey and Daniels reprise their roles as Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne and it picks up 20 years after the first movie.

They embark on another road trip but this time it's to track down a long-lost child, because one of them needs a kidney.

The movie, directed by the Farrelly brothers, is due for release next year and also stars Turner, Rachel Melvin, Laurie Holden and Steve Tom.

Australian band Empire of the Sun will compose the score, and Peter Farrelly said they were having a great time making it.

He said: "It’s going well. We have a great script and now we are just trying to get it made. I love the script. It’s exactly like the first one. We pick up 20 years later. We explain what they’ve done for the last 17 or 18 years. We take off from that and it’s just a lot of laughs."

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