Daniel Day Lewis Named As James Bond Author's Favourite To Play 007

William Boyd sees the Oscar winner as the agent Ian Fleming always had in mind

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Daniel Day Lewis has portrayed many historical figures in his career from Abraham Lincoln to Gerry Conlon to Christy Brown - but what about an iconic fictional character for the actor to get his method acting teeth into?

Well, the new James Bond author thinks the Oscar winner would be the ideal candidate to play the next 007, because he looks like the agent that Bond creator Ian Fleming describes.

Speaking at the launch of his book, Solo, at the Dorchester Hotel in London today, William Boyd said Day Lewis would be his first choice to step into the shoes once worn by Sean Connery, Roger Moore and more recently, Daniel Craig.

He told the Independent: "If there was going to be an actor to play my James Bond, I’d choose another actor who’s been in a film of mine and who is also called Daniel.

Daniel Day Lewis has been tipped by new bond author William Boyd to play the agent next (WENN)

"Daniel Day-Lewis actually resembles the Bond that Fleming describes. He was a tall, lean, rangy, very dark haired good looking man. There’s a sense that image is what he saw his Bond looking like."

Boyd has returned the MI5 spy to print in a new adventure which is set in 1969 with Boyd writing as original author Ian Fleming.

Solo is published by Jonathan Cape, Fleming’s original publisher and comes 60 years since Casino Royale - Fleming's first Bond novel - was first released.

Boyd tipped Day Lewis for the role because he said he thought the films were getting “further and further away from Fleming’s Bond”.

He added: “The current Bond is fantastically interesting even though the current films are half a century on than the novels. The link gets fainter and fainter. The Bond films are all contemporary.”

Solo is published by Jonathan Cape, Fleming’s original publisher and comes 60 years since Casino Royale was first released.

Boyd said he had been given no remit for the character but had kept all the “classic ingredients” and said: “There is a certain amount of weaponry, automobiles and two beautiful women he has relationships with. It would not be a Bond novel without these things in it.”

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