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Downton Abbey: Lady Mary Refuses To Look After Her 'Poor Little Orphan' In New Season Teaser

The ITV show has released a clip ahead of the new series

Downton Abbey: Lady Mary Refuses To Look After Her 'Poor Little Orphan' In New Season Teaser
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Downton Abbey have released a clip of the new series of the show, giving viewers a sneak peek into how Lady Mary is coping six months after the untimely death of her husband Matthew.

The clip sees Lady Mary dressed all in black, speaking in a monotone voice, as Anna and baby George's nanny try to persuade her to get out of her mourning clothes and go outside with her son.

Refusing both Anna and the nanny, Lady Mary calls her son a “poor little orphan”, before kissing him on the forehead very briefly.

However,= Michelle Dockery, who plays Lady Mary, revealed that it won't all be doom and gloom, hinting that her character will find herself a new love interest in the new season of the hit period drama, returning to ITV on September 22.

Michelle told EntertainmentWise: "There is some light and shade. There are some suitors this year, because inevitably, Mary does have to move on.

"She needs to find someone so there are some new characters this year."

Despite there being sadness for Lady Mary, Michelle admitted that she is liking the opportunities that have opened up for her character.

She said: "Initially, when we read the storyline with Matthew's death, we all thought, 'What will happen now?' But it has taken things down a completely different avenue. Series four is a complete contrast to series three. And I'm still discovering so many sides to her character.

"I like how in the first few episodes of series four Mary is retreating to being quite cold again like she was in series one. In a slightly more gown p way and for very different reasons, she was quite superficial, spoilt brat in the first series but now she's changed."

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