By Joanna Crawley On September 9, 2013

Riddick Triumphs At The US Box Office With $18.7 Million Debut

Vin Diesel's latest action thriller beats nearest rival by $10 million!

Vin Diesel will be celebrating today as it's revealed his latest action thriller Riddick has topped the US box office in it's opening weekend, taking $10 million more than it's nearest rival.

The third installment in the series, following Pitch Black (2000) and The Chronicle's of Riddick (2004), triumphed in a slow weekend for the box office, with little competition for the top spot.

Estimated takings of $18.7 million, mean Diesel's film beat out Lee Daniels' The Butler which could only manage $8.9 million, although that does bring the Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey starring biopic to a total of $91.9 million in takings so far.

Riddick is the second most successful outing from the Riddick franchise, according to those figures with Pitch Black scoring $11.6 million in it's opening and The Chronicles of Riddick  taking $24.3 million.

Vin Diesel is back as Riddick! (WENN)

That's especially good news for the film's lead who funded the passion project with writer/director David Twohy after Universal had initially passed on producing a third film.

Riddick has so far received mixed reviews, but Diesel, who got his Hollywood breakthrough from the first movie, recently admitted he made the movie's sequel for the fans.

"It's a character that has always been close to me. It's a character that was my first big character in Hollywood," he explained to Flicks and Bits.

"I think the character is interesting and so dynamic, and the idea of playing a quintessential anti-hero is something I really like this."

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