By Claire Hubble On July 30, 2013

Sienna Miller And James Franco Unite For London Bash With Donna Air And Poppy Delevingne

The pair turned out to present the new 'green' car

Sienna Miller And James Franco Unite For London Bash With Donna Air And Poppy Delevingne
Photo: WENN

The A-list was out in full force last night at BMW's i3 Global Reveal party at the Old Billingsgate Market, London. Celebs including Sienna Miller, James Franco, Donna Air and Poppy Delevingne turned out to the swanky party, where they guzzled complimentary Moet and enjoyed a DJ set from top model Amber Le Bon.

Sienna Miller and James Franco gave brief speeches about the new BMW model, which claims to be the brand's "green" approach to driving. Yummy mummy Sienna worse a tropical print Dolce & Gabbana fifties style sundress and Charlotte Olympia strappy sandals.

Sienna looked dazzling in a D&G summer dress

Unfortunately for Sienna, the weather was not on her side and blue skies quickly turned into a torrential downpour. Luckily event staff were on hand to escort the actress around under an umbrella. Phew!

When unveiling the new car, Sienna spoke about the snazzy i3. She said: "Being a new mother I feel it's very important to make green choices and create a better world for the future."

"It's the perfect city car. Ooh double doors!"

James Franco looked swoon-erific as usual in a suit and tie. Sigh...

Meanwhile, James Franco looked every inch the dapper gentleman in a classic Gucci suit. James said he was enthusiastic about the environmentally-friendly BMW, explaining: "Going green is now cool. I'm really excited about this, it's about time we started taking care of the environment. It's fantastic. I feel like it's the future."

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