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Bruce Sprinsteen Pays Tribute To Gunned Down Teenager Trayvon Martin With Song 'American Skin (41 Shots) In Ireland

The Boss becomes the latest star to protest against the shocking verdict

Bruce Sprinsteen has followed some of the world's biggest mega stars including Beyonce and Stevie Wonder to voice their sadness over the verdict in the Travyon Martin trial in Florida, dedicating his heart warming track 'American Skin (41 Shots)' to the teenager during a gig in Limerick, Ireland.

During his show The Boss noticed a sign requesting the Born In The USA' singer to dedicate the song for the late teenager after originally penning the song in response to the tragic death of Amadou Diallo by New York Police back in 1999.

 Bruce Springsteen pays tribute to gunned down teenager Trayvon Martin (WENN)

According to a fan speaking to The Star Ledger, who attended last night's show the legendary rocker grabbed the startled audience members sign before telling the crowd: “I want to send this one out as a letter back home. For justice for Trayvon Martin."

Trayvon Martin was shot innocently while walking home in Sandford Florida which prompted Bruce to perform the track several times during his 'Wrecking Ball' tour including the line "You can get killed just for living in your American skin," which the star reportedly dramatically repeated.

Yesterday, Stevie Wonder announced he would be boycotting Florida following the shocking verdict while Beyonce asked audiences in Philadelphia for a moments silence before dedicating her rendition of 'I Will Always Love You' to the teen earlier this week.

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