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By Shaun Kitchener On July 16, 2013

Kris Jenner Talk Show Finally Launches: Twitter Reacts

Viewers aren't exactly sitting on the fence

Kris Jenner's talk show, after weeks of promotion, finally had its debut in select regions of the US yesterday, as it begins a limited trial that will ultimately determine whether or not it gets picked up for a full nationwide season.

Jenner is the matriarch of television's most famous family; either she or her offspring are in the media on a daily hourly basis, and as a self-styled "momager" she certainly seems to have enough business savvy to ensure her venture is a success.

So, as the first episode went out yesterday, how did it go down with viewers? Did they lap up the opportunity to see the reality TV queen fronting her own show? Did they enjoy her natural presence in front of camera and her offering of celebrity guests? Will enough of them keep watching for the show to survive its trial and go into production as a full-on venutre?


The thing is...



...Although we're sure the effort is appreciated...

... it's just... erm...

Well, maybe it's too early to say...

...Maybe Episode 2 will be better?

All photos: WENN

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