By Kayleigh Giles On July 15, 2013

Bradley Cooper Insists He Lives 'Like A Nomad' And Won't Let His Millions Change Him

The Hangover actor insists money hasn't changed him

Bradley Cooper Insists He Lives 'Like A Nomad' And Won't Let His Millions Change Him
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He reportedly earned £15 million for starring in The Hangover III alone, but despite his wealth Bradley Cooper insists he hasn't let money change the person he is and is still careful with his money.

Bradley Cooper appears to not only be beautiful but also extremely down to earth.

When asked about his attitude towards money, Bradley told the Daily Mirror: "There is a certain amount of disorientation.

"You can't relate to having more money than you ever imagined or even know how to spend or invest. It's absolute luxury, I know that."

The actor recently made Forbes list of 100 Up and Coming Celebs having made an estimated $28 million between June 2012 and June 2013, more than fellow actors Will Smith and Ben Affleck.

Despite this, Bradley doesn't let money dominate his life.

"I don't think I've let it affect the way I live or change how I think. I still live pretty much like a nomad in going from one film shoot to another," the actor explained.

"I don't collect sports cars or have ambitions to own my own private jet."

Instead the Silver Linings Playbook actor likes to put his well earned cash to better use, using it to help his nearest and dearest.

"Making a lot of money has enabled me to help some of my closest friends pay off debts, mortgages, things like that," he confessed.

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