By Kayleigh Dray On May 13, 2013

'No More Hiding Under Studio Skirts!': Joss Whedon Finally Joins Twitter

The Buffy and Firefly director has joined the ranks of Twitter at last...

Joss Whedon has something of a cult follwing, thanks to his amazing work on the likes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Angel and, more recently, Avengers Assemble. So we're pretty confident that, now he's joined Twitter, he's sure to score a LOT of followers in a very short time.

Geek auteur Joss Whedon is something of a legend to his fans, all of whom absolutely adore the creations within the Whedon-verse.

Famed for creating amazing character-driven comedies, with scripts so witty and fast-paced they'd put Quentin Tarantino to shame, the director has moved from the realms of the obscure to global success, thanks to his work on Avengers Assemble and The Cabin In The Woods.

And now, much to delight of fans everywhere, Whedon has joined the ranks of Twitter, under the handle @JossActual.

Anyone else predicting he's about be hit with an onslaught of requests for a Firefly reboot?

However, before fans lament the loss of Whedon to the dark side of celebrity (think incessant updates, Instagram snaps and rants), it's quickly become apparent that his Twitter updates are set to be a little bit of a social commentary on the social media lifestyle:

Whedon is busy working on Avengers Assemble2, Agents of SHIELD and his Much Ado About Nothing project, due out later this month, so we can't wait to see his tweets about these in the weeks to come.

All hail Whedon!

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