By Deepika Rajani On May 7, 2013

'I'm A Really Big Fan': Liam Gallagher Revealed As Unexpected Made In Chelsea Devotee?

Francis Boulle recalled what the rocker said to him at an event

Liam Gallagher might not look like the sort of person who enjoys tuning into reality drama Made In Chelsea on Monday nights but it appears the rocker does after one of the show's stars - Francis Boulle - recalled what the star told him at a recent event.

Speaking about his meeting with the former Oasis frontman, Francis, who can be seen starring alongside the likes of Spencer Matthews, Louise Thompson and Ollie Locke on the E4 show, reveals:

"I was coming out of the loo and spotted him. So I said, 'I'm a really big fan'. Liam goes, 'I'm a really big fan of you, man. Where's your wand?' I said I wasn’t a magician, then he asked if I was going to go on a 'wand-er'. I think he thought I was Harry Potter.

"But if he did recognise me, that's pretty cool! He was pretty friendly," Francis adds to NME.

Who knew Liam was such a fan? (WENN)

Whilst Liam may have got confused over who Francis was when they met, Francis admitted that he grew up listening to Oasis and the The Stone Roses.

He added: "I'm a massive Oasis fan.

"I grew up with them, and I'm a big fan of The Stone Roses as well. I used to jam The Stone Roses and Oasis with my cousin in our garage out in the country. I can play most Oasis songs on guitar! 'Definitely Maybe' is my favourite album by them."

Seeing as Liam is such a fan of the show, we wonder what he thinks of a possible romance between Spencer Matthews and Lucy Watson?

Suggesting that she could see herself in a romance with Spencer who recently split from Louise Thompson, Lucy told Star magazine:

"You'll have to wait and see."

Claiming that viewers only get a chance to see his "evil side", Lucy continued: "On the show, you only see his evil side, but he's a nice guy. He does stupid things, but he wears his heart on his sleeve."

Whilst she may be keen on embarking on a relationship with Spencer who tired to find love by appearing on Channel 5's dating show, The Bachelor last year, admitted that Spencer will have to "change" if he wants to call Lucy his girlfriend.

She added: "The way he treated Louise was not acceptable, so if anything was ever going to happen, he'd have to change. He's charming and generous, but he's got a bit of arrogance about him at the moment, which he needs to drop."

Revealing that she is different from Louise, the Made In Chelsea beauty said:

"I'd be different to Louise. She's not that ballsy. He's not used to being told 'no', but he would have to deal with that from me! Spencer and Louise brought out the worst in each other."

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