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By Jason Chester On March 26, 2013

Education Comes First! Katie Holmes Has Put Her Foot Down Over Suri Cruise's 'Modelling Career'

The actress doesn't want her daughter to pursue a career in the spotlight

Katie Holmes has put her foot down with precocious young daughter Suri Cruise by insisting she puts modelling on hold while she focuses on her education.

The six-year-old daughter of Katie and Hollywood star Tom Cruise has reportedly been bombarded with lucrative contracts from designer brands anxious to include her in various ad campaigns.

But while Suri is quickly taking after her fashion conscious mum, the former Dawson's Creek star has insisted she prioritise her education before taking up any offers.

“Suri may be one of the most photographed children on the planet but she won 't be doing her own photo shoots for fashion houses just yet,” an insider told Radar Online. “Katie wants her to concentrate on school before anything else. Something her parents drilled into her when she was young."

Mum's the Word: Katie has put her foot down over Suri's potential modelling career (WENN)

“They pushed Katie through Notre Dame Academy and Katie will be equally hands-on with Suri," the insider continued.

The source also revealed that Katie is keen for her daughter to turn her back on showbiz in favour of something away from the spotlight.

“In an ideal world, Katie doesn't want Suri to follow in her footsteps. She would prefer her daughter worked in law, like her father," claimed the insider.

“Whatever she chooses to do when she's older, Katie will support her. If she wants to model then, that's fine. But first, school is the priority.”

Katie and Suri step out for some shopping in NYC!

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise hit the shops, December 2 (Photos: Splash News)

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