By ROSS MACDONALD On March 4, 2013

TV Review: Suicide Tragedy Looms Over Selfridges (Spoiler Alert)

All the goss you need on episode nine

TV Review: Suicide Tragedy Looms Over Selfridges (Spoiler Alert)
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A tragedy rocked the world of Selfridges this week as Miss Bunting decided to take her own life rather than face the desperate situation she had found herself in. Elsewhere, there was more drama for Harry and Rose as Roddy Temple reared his ugly head once again.

As another day started at the department store, Mr Grove was concerned as to why there was so little staff ready to start work. But Kitty soon arrived to inform them that there had been a hold up on the tube at Bond Street. Later, Mr Grove learned that there was a body on the line – Miss Bunting. The staff were saddened to hear of her demise and after Harry read a letter from her that she left in her bag he announced that to try and ease his guilt he would cover all costs of her funeral. An upset Doris also struggled with the news as Mr Grove realised he should have done more aswell.

At the Selfridge home, Rose was not impressed to find Rosalie holding a bunch of flowers Roddy had sent her and instantly sent them straight back. However, having witnessed the confrontation, Harry demanded to know what was going on as Rose came clean about Roddy and Rosalie, instantly raising suspicion on his wife.

Meanwhile, Frank returned to ask Harry for another job with his company but in a bad mood after recent events, Harry dismissed him. He later went to see Ellen Love in rehearsals for her new play as she was keen to get Frank’s views on the new play. However, she was still keen to hear what he had to say about Harry.

New lovers, Agnes and Henri were nearly late for work after spending another night together but they were surprised to be caught getting close at work by Miss Ravillious. She warned Agnes to not let the new relationship ruin her blossoming career. However, the couple got another surprise as Henri’s ex, Valerie, returned to the store. Agnes urges Henri to work with Valerie on the window display for the visit of Earnest Shackleton.

A frustrated Victor tried once again to get Lady Mae on board for his ambitious restaurant vision but she told him that she would not be helping him financially and he was better to stop trying. As she tried to seduce him, he resisted and cracks started to appear in the pair’s relationship.

With Earnest Shackleton’s exhibition in full swing in the store, Harry and Rose were not pleased to see Roddy and Rosalie together again. As he warned the artist to stay away from his daughter Roddy informed him that Rose was in love with him and he should pay a little more attention to his loved ones so he actually knew how they felt. The confrontation later lead to Harry confronting his wife about the allegations but she refused to speak to him and he walked out of the family home to spend the night at the club.

A fairly mild episode this week touching on the tragedy of Miss Bunting’s death and the continuing family drama of the Selfridges. But with the finale approaching next week, it is anyone’s guess as to how the saga is all going to come together in time for episode ten.

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