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Lindsay Lohan 'Refuses Plea Bargain, Heading For Court In Cop Lying Case'

The actress reportedly doesn't want to accept 'punishment for something she didn't do'

Lindsay Lohan 'Refuses Plea Bargain, Heading For Court In Cop Lying Case'
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Lindsay Lohan is heading to court over claims she lied to police following a car accident last June after failing to reach a plea bargain, it has been reported.

The 26-year-old's legal team did allegedly speak with prosecutors yesterday for both Santa Monica and L.A. City to attempt to strike a bargain over the claims, but Lilo's lawyer Mark Heller reportedly failed to reach an agreement, TMZ claims.

Without a plea deal the case will likely to be heard in court, with a trial date set for March 18. According to sources prosecutors reportedly offered the troubled star a “significant amount of time” in a rehab facility, initially asking for 60 days before offering 30, but Heller refused to agree.

Despite failing to reach an agreement yesterday sources told the site prosecutors are keen to reach an agreement with Lohan and "negotiations are ongoing.”

Lindsay Lohan in court earlier this month (WENN)

But they maybe banking on false hope, as Lindsay reportedly isn't willing to accept a deal when she insists she's innocent.

A source claims the actress said: "[It's] punishment for something I didn't do."

Heller is reportedly willing to accept a plea deal that involves counselling and perhaps some sort of rehab, but not the long stint the prosecutors have been requesting. Even if they can't get a deal, prosecutors in the case aren't reportedly worried and are more than happy to head to trial in March.

Uh oh Lilo, could you be heading for jail time?

It's not the only charges Lindsay is facing. She's also dealing with charges of motoring offences related to the accident where her Porsche hit another car last June on the Santa Monica highway and violation of her parole for jewellery theft. In New York charges of assault, after a scuffle in a nightclub last December are also ongoing.

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