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Biffy Clyro Turn Down Chance To Write Songs For Robbie Williams And Leona Lewis

The band admit they may want to keep the songs for themselves!

British rock band Biffy Clyro have revealed that they rejected offers to write songs for a host of pop acts including Leona Lewis and Robbie William.

The rock act, who were crowned 'Best British Band' at the 2013 NME Awards last night, explain that their reason for rejecting Robbie and Leona's offers is because they weren't sure whether or not they would want to keep the song once they had written them.

Biffy Clyro at The 2013 NME Awards (Daniel Deme/

The band's frontman, Simon Neil told the Daily Star: "We got asked to have a writing session with Leona Lewis and play on Robbie Williams's record Take the Crown."

"Writing for others is something I'd love to do once we slow down as a band. But if you write a song that you think is one of the best ever, and it's not for our band, I don't know if I'd be happy giving it away."

Simon added: "I'm a wee bit selfish about it, plus we've got enough side projects, so we've got other outlets. It's a beautiful thing to sit and write songs all day."

Biffy Clyro recently this month scored their first UK number one with their sixth studio album 'Opposites.'

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