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Hilary Duff Returns To TV: 'It's Been So Long'

The 'Lizzie Maguire' star is set to grace our screens once again in 'Raising Hope'...

Hilary Duff disappeared from our televisions to look after her baby son Luca but, for the first time since his birth, she's set to return to the small screen once again. Although, sadly, not as a more mature Lizzie McGuire...

That's right, Hilary is BACK and she's set to cause some serious drama in Raising Hope as Rachel, the wayward ex-girlfriend of Jimmy (Lucas Neff).

Check out Hilary Duff in the teaser video below:

Intriguing, huh?

Apparently Jimmy is set to hold a serious grudge against Hilary's Rachel - seven years after she dumped him. But is everything as it first appears? Apparently a shock revelation will expose a third party for the REAL breakup of the relationship...

It'll be great to see Hilary Duff back on the television again - and, with a rumoured brand-new television comedy in the works with Fox too, it looks as if this will be just the first of many small screen comebacks from the former Disney star.

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