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By Alicia Adejobi On February 20, 2013

Harry Styles & Taylor Swift Kept Apart At BRITS – Other Stars Who Have Avoided Each Other At Awards

Whether it's an ex or foe, there is always someone to avoid on the red carpet!

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift are reportedly being “kept well away” from one another at tonight's BRIT Awards, with the pair believed to be on bad terms following their split last month.

The former couple, dubbed Haylor, ended their two-month romance last month after a reported 'blazing row' and relations haven't been helped with Taylor making a dig at the One Direction star during her Grammys performance earlier this month.

In a bid to avoid an awkward meeting with one another, BRIT Award bosses are said to have gone to great lengths to keep the sparring former lovers apart.

“No one wants anything awkward to happen. Taylor and Harry are definitely being kept well apart,” a source told The Sun.

Ooh er! But it's not only Harry and Taylor who can't be civil with one another, as several other celebrities have been known to demand changes in seating arrangements at award ceremonies whether they are exes trying to avoid each other or feuding rappers.

Find out who else falls into the category below...

Harry Styles & Taylor Swift Kept Apart At BRITS – Other Stars Who Have Avoided Each Other At Awards...
Justin Bieber + Selena Gomez – when the couple were first rumoured to have split back in November, last minute changes were made to the seating arrangements at the American Music Awards and Justin brought his mother as his date. “The seating arrangement at the upcoming American Music Awards HAS changed,” a source told (Adriana M. Barraza /
Katy Perry + Rihanna – Katy reportedly disapproves of Rihanna rekindling her romance with Chris Brown and asked to be seated away from her former BFF. “There was a request made to the seating people at the Grammys by Katy’s people. They asked that Katy and Rihanna not be seated in the same section. Katy feels like there’s awkwardness there and she just didn’t want to deal with it,” a source told (WENN)
Carrie Underwood + Taylor Swift – The pair have reportedly been feuding for a year and bosses at this year's Grammys are said to have made last minute changes to the seating plans to keep the sparring ladies away from each other.“Such a headache!” an insider told Us Weekly of the seating changes, adding that Taylor and Carrie had to be kept “from crossing paths.” (Adriana M. Barraza/
Beyonce + Kim Kardashian – Rumours began circulating that Beyonce had requested Kanye West and her husband Jay-Z be seated in between her and Kim Kardashian at the BET Awards last year as she wasn't too keen on Kanye's new girlfriend. The two ladies barely conversed with one another but they did pose for a photo. (WENN)
Chris Brown and everyone – Chris and Frank Ocean made sure they steered clear of each at this year's Grammys with Breezy even refusing to stand for his rival when he won his award. The singer has also been advised to stay away from rapper Drake whom he got into a fight with at a New York nightclub last June. (Brian To/
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